Author - Gary Frank

Why Organization Design Matters: Part 2

This series on organization design targets readers unfamiliar with the subject, illustrating how intentional design enhances performance. The previous post (Why Organization Design Matters: Part 1), posed two questions to tee up specific, tangible reasons why design matters. What’s the payoff for an organization that commits to deliberately and thoughtfully redesigning itself? What practical, impactful difference does it make? Part 1 offered five responses to these questions and addressed the first – the critical contribution of design to operationalizing strategy....

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Why Organization Design Matters: Part 1

This is the second in a series of posts on organization design. This one will be the first of five to address the title topic of Why Organization Design Matters. Directed at organization leaders who may be unfamiliar with the concept or its potential benefit, these discussions aim to shed light on how intentional design can significantly enhance organizational performance. In An Introduction to Organization Design, I defined "organization design" as a comprehensive, systemic approach intended to rethink and...

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An Introduction to Organization Design

This is the first post in a series on the subject of organization design. The Quest for Competitive Advantage Achieving competitive advantage in business has always been a relentless quest.  Any advantage a company can develop and sustain translates into winning and retaining more customers and generating more wealth.  Historically, companies have relied on proprietary technology, a stable, loyal workforce, exclusive access to capital, and control of local markets to create competitive advantage. The last four decades provide an interesting montage...

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Clarity of Purpose

No human enterprise truly succeeds that isn’t clear about the reason it exists, the purpose it serves, and the difference it intends to make. Teams in organizations are no different. This post will explore the importance of getting this ingredient right to enhance team effectiveness. A short story illustrates what’s at stake. (more…)

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The Foundational Importance of Trust to Team and Organization Performance

Whenever I facilitate a teambuilding meeting or executive team retreat, I do an overview at the very beginning that addresses the following three points: (more…)

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