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Clarity of Purpose

In my previous post (The Foundational Importance of Trust), I addressed the most critical ingredient for highly effective teams – trust. Trust is the foundation upon which everything else that a team does and achieves is built. However, effective teams require a few other essential ingredients as well. This post will address a second essential ingredient – clarity of purpose. No human enterprise truly succeeds that isn’t clear about the reason it exists, the purpose it serves, and the...

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The Foundational Importance of Trust to Team and Organization Performance

This is the first of four posts on the sub-scales that comprise the Team Performance Inventory. The Team Performance Inventory measures Team Trust, Clarity of Purpose, Team Process, and Orientation to Conflict. This post will address the foundational importance of trust to individual and team behaviors related to team and, ultimately, organization effectiveness. Whenever I facilitate a teambuilding meeting or executive team retreat, I do an overview at the very beginning that addresses the following three points: (more…)

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