Process Development and Design

Do your current work processes produce reliably repeatable results?
We can help you document, analyze, and design business processes that are both efficient and effective.

If structure focuses work effort, then process defines the manner in which work is actually accomplished.
Process is the essence of execution. Brilliance in other areas – strategy, organization, product or service, marketing, sales – can all be undermined by ineffective process. Processes that are lean, reliably repeatable, and continuously improved are essential to effective organizations.

PDA helps clients:
  • Assess the efficacy of their existing work processes
  • Analyze work processes to identify variances – sources of waste, defects, rework, poor hand-offs – and develop ways to eliminate them
  • Modify or redesign and document processes
  • Socialize the new process in the work system

Gary has provided expert facilitation for ContXt over the last several years.  With a focus on process improvement, he is masterful at creating an environment that
not only promotes participant involvement, but generates effective solutions.  I would recommend Gary for any improvement initiative that requires a team to align on the current state problem and collaborate on best solutions.

You will not be disappointed!”

Mike Beier
ContXt Corporation